calendário / events


Late in the Cidade Queer process (Dec 2018-Jan 2019), EXPLODE!, Lastro and created an exhibition entitled Textão for the Museum of Sexual Diversity , a municipal museum inside the Republica Metro station. (external press)

TravaLíngua presented its vocal and performative experiment as research for Diálogos e Transgressões at SESC Santo Amaro in Feb 2018. (catalogue)



Cidade Queer, a film by Danila Bustamante was completed and began art and film festival circuit (March)

Cidade queer: uma leitora was launched at Feira Plana by Publication Studio, along with Cuiabá, a zine by PogoLand and George Ferraz (March)

The Cuiabá zine was officially released along with the screening of Cidade Queer in Cuiabá (May)

Caminhada “A Revolta do Arco-íris” (May)

The Cidade Queer programme concept was invited to create a week-long version during Quito Pride by NoLugar and the Contemporary Art Center of Quito (June)

EXPLODE!/Coletivo Amem/House of Zion trip to NYC for Black Pride (August)

In the latter part of 2017 Raphael Daibert and Mavi Veloso created a performance-based solidarity course for students of Cursinho Popular Tranformação called TravaLíngua.



Janta: Queer Food/Queer Politics (#1/Feb, #2/March)

Laboratório Gráfico Desviante

Janta #3 (April)

Janta #4 (May)

Que Cidade Você Queer?

Janta #5 (June)

Janta #6 (July)

Janta #7 (August)

EXPLODE! Residency

Janta #8 (September)


Mala embaixo da cama / Suitcase Under the Bed

Acronymia: projeto da residência de Jean François-Prost



A Queer Walk in a Queer City (Oct)

Cidade Queer prelude with artists Ezio Rosa, Maya Mikdashi, Carlos Motta, Paulo Goya, Thiago Carrapatoso